Jelena Urosevic was born on 03. 12. 1988 and she comes from Ljig, a small town in central Serbia. She completed Masters Degree at Teachers Training Faculty, University of Belgrade, but the wider public knows her as a violinist. She began to play music since the age of seven, when she, thanks to her father, started with the first musical steps. The father was her first teacher when she comes to playing the violin and, in addition to the love for this instrument, she has also inherited from him the talent for composing music.

Jelena's active public performances began to string since the age of 15. In 2009 she composed and published her first CD with melodies of different genres, and already since then began hers more serious encounter with the domestic media. Nowadays she has behind her a numerous author compositions, of which the most topical are ,,My Sky'', ,,Love is a War'' and ,,The imagination''. Participation in the serial ,,I have a talent'', in 2011, is considered to be a milestone in Jelena's musical career. In this show programme she has caused a great attention of the audience by performing his violin improvisation accompanied by electronic ,,haus'' music, and also, in the framework of the show, she performed the part of Serbian traditional music on violin.

Jelena's style of playing is characterized by genre diversity and a wide musical repertoire. Accordingly, in her performing we can hear melodies from the field of Serbian traditional, classical, pop, country music, but what gives the greatest sign to Jelena's work is precisely the combination of house music and melodies on the violin, which she composes by herself. This musical direction as the original, authentic and avant-garde, causes a lot of positive attention and criticism from the public and the media. This is what makes she unique in the domestic area, but also one of the few on the world music scene. In addition to the melodies that she composed, in her repertoire we can hear the actual remakes of old popular world hits.

Jelena certainly not leave audience indifferent with her dynamic and energetic performances, there is almost no a listener who followed her performance live, and to whom its authentic design has left a strong impression. She also considers as her great success her role as a model for many children in domestic areas, and because her they decide to make their first musical steps.

During this period, her plans are mainly focused on the world music market and meet people around the globe with her work. From day to day, Jelena's career tends to rise and an increasing number of people from all over the world, who follow her work and express a very positive impression concerning her music. Exceptionally positive reaction of the audience is continually motivated for her to work hard in the musical field and to realize her plans.